Makiyo escapes jail time in taxi driver assault case

A Taiwanese court on Thursday handed down a three-year suspended sentence to a Japanese-Taiwanese star for attacking a Taipei taxi driver in a case that has captivated celebrity watchers for months.

Singer-actress Makiyo received a lighter sentence than the four-year jail term prosecutors had sought as the Taipei district court found her guilty of common assault rather than aggravated assault, a court official said.

Her friend Takateru Tomoyori, a Japanese citizen, got a four-year suspended sentence for injuring the driver in the assault in Taipei on Feb 2.

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Taiwanese-Japanese star, Makiyo, implicated in beating

Prosecutors say Taiwanese-Japanese starlet Makiyo has been barred from leaving Taiwan pending an investigation into her alleged involvement in the beating of a taxi driver in Taipei.

The Taipei Prosecutors Office said Tuesday the 27-year-old singer is accused of kicking a taxi door after her companion, who allegedly was drunk, dragged the driver out and beat him.

Makiyo was released on NT$30,000 (S$1,263) bail after being questioned by the Taipei District Prosecutors Office overnight about the alleged assault of the taxi driver.

Makiyo was listed as a defendant in the case on suspicion of malicious destruction of property and aggravated assault, yesterday, five days after the incident occurred.

Makiyo has apologized and pledged to stop drinking after the Thursday night incident.

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