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Masato Shimon and His Awesome Star Wars Japan Theme Song

Masato Shimon
Masato Shimon
In 1978 Masato Shimon recorded his legendary rendition of the theme from “Star Wars” and added in Japanese lyrics! Otaku and Star Wars fans alike should not feel their lives complete without watching this.

Lyric provided if you want to karaoke your way along…

Star… Wars!
Star… Wars!
Star… Wars!
Star… Wars!

Far, far away, beyond the galaxy
The flames of justice light the night sky
To protect the peace in space, you’ve got to defeat Darth Vader
Laser beams, spitting red fire
Swing your lightsaber
Space is in trouble! Now’s your chance!
Luke, ganbare!

Shoot, “wing fighters!” Until your enemy is pulverized!
Far, far away…

Star Wars Japan Theme Song Video