Japan’s largest McDonald’s opens in Harajuku Omotesando

McDonald’s Japan on Sunday opened its largest store in Japan. The Harajuku Omotesando Branch occupies 795 square meters and seats 328 customers.

It will soon feature a new “Mac Cafe” inside where customers can order coffee made to suit their individual preferences. The cafe is to open in July, ahead of other branches, in an attempt to appeal to a more adult market than usual.


McDonald’s may close hundreds of restaurants across Japan

McDonald’s Holdings Co. (Japan) may shut hundreds of outlets next year to boost profit margin after the power shortages following the March 11 earthquake crimped demand for fast food.

"We want to close a few hundred stores next year and we expect to increase sales the year after that," Chief Executive Officer Eikoh Harada said Thursday.

Japan’s largest fast-food chain also intends to renovate larger stores as it increases profit relative to cash flow, Harada said, after eliminating more than 400 unprofitable outlets last year.

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