Japan Protests Medvedev Visit to Disputed Kunashiri Island

Japan’s prime minister strongly protested Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s visit to a disputed island and said in a meeting on the sidelines of a Pacific Rim leaders’ conference Saturday that the two nations must build mutual trust.

Medvedev reportedly responded that he will return to the island whenever he pleases.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan told Medvedev that the Nov. 1 visit was unacceptable and inflamed the feelings of the Japanese people, Japanese Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Tetsuro Fukuyama said. Kan said the two nations, which have never signed a treaty formally ending their World War II hostilities because of the territorial dispute, must work to develop trust.

The talks Saturday — which Japanese officials said began in a "tense mood" — were their first since Medvedev’s trip to the island, known as Kunashiri in Japan and Kunashir in Russia. Russia captured the island and several others in the closing days of World War II.

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Japan and Russia territorial battle deepens

The diplomatic row between Russia and Japan is worsening as the two countries battle it out over a disputed chain of Pacific islands known as the Kurril Islands.

Russia has announced that President Dmitry Medvedev is planning more trips to the islands after Japan announced it was recalling its envoy to Moscow. But this is not the only territorial dispute which Tokyo is fighting. It’s also in a tussle with China over the disputed East China Sea. But critics say Japan’s diplomatic spats are a way of diverting attention from its domestic economic problems.

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