Bunny Battle Over: Miffy and Cathy put differences aside for good cause

The bunny battle is over – and for a good cause.

Sanrio Co., home of Hello Kitty, and Mercis BV of the Netherlands have agreed to drop a courtroom spat over whether the Japanese company’s rabbit character Cathy is too much like famed Dutch rabbit Miffy and instead donate 150,000 euros ($220,000) each to help the reconstruction of the area struck by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. And everybody’s happy, not least investors in Sanrio: Shares in the company rose to an 11-year-high in Tokyo as the specter of potentially costly ligitation evaporated without any dents to Hello Kitty’s reputation in Europe, a key business area for Sanrio.

Back in November, a court in Amsterdam upheld most of Mercis’ claims, ordering Sanrio to halt production of goods related to Cathy in regions including the Netherlands.  In response, Sanrio filed a suit demanding a suspension of Miffy’s trademark.

But the aftermath of March 11 brought a thaw in previously frosty relations. The firm managing Miffy’s copyright suggested dropping the case after Miffy’s creator Dick Bruna, 83 years old, replied to a request from daily paper Asahi Shimbun seeking a message of hope.  In response, Mr. Bruna faxed a message accompanying a teary Miffy saying, “My best wishes to Japan.”

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Miffy suing Kitty – Hello!

Creator of Japan’s cartoon icon of cuteness Hello Kitty on Thursday said it was unhappy with a Dutch ruling in a copyright case against its famous feline character’s rabbit friend Cathy.

An Amsterdam court this week ordered Sanrio Co to halt production and sales of Cathy merchandise in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg after finding the Japanese bunny too closely resembled the Dutch character Miffy.

Tokyo-based Sanrio said it was ‘discontent with the temporary injunction’ by the Dutch court, which came in a case launched by Mercis, the copyright management firm for Dutch children’s book author Dick Bruna.

‘We will continue to make our point through the court case that we have not infringed on the plaintiff’s rights,’ Sanrio said in a statement. ‘We are considering filing a complaint.’

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