South Korea Postpones Military Agreement with Japan

South Korea has postponed at the last minute the signing of a landmark military agreement with Japan, amid anger in Seoul over the planned pact with a former colonial ruler.

The information-sharing pact would have been their first military agreement since the end of Japans brutal 1910-45 colonial rule over Korea.

It would have enabled the two sides, both of whom are close US allies, to swap intelligence about North Koreas missile and nuclear programs and other defence issues.Many older Koreans have bitter memories of Japans rule and military cooperation is a sensitive issue. Both the ruling and opposition parties in Seoul called for a delay, saying details have been kept secret.

A senior official of the ruling New Frontier Party, Chin Young, said the public opposes some aspects and it was inappropriate “to rush the signing of the agreement, with its details remaining unknown to the public”.

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Japan and South Korea To Sign Military Pact – First since WWII

Japan and South Korea have agreed to share intelligence in their first joint military pact since World War II.Japans Cabinet approved the pact Friday. It will allow sharing intelligence in such areas as missile defense, North Koreas nuclear weapons program and other regional security matters. It has already been approved by South Korea and is to be signed in Tokyo later in the day.The pact reflects mutual concerns that more cooperation is needed to enhance security readiness, and is seen as a breakthrough in ties between the two neighbors.Japan ruled Korea as a colony for several decades until the end of World War II in 1945, and Seoul has often been wary of Japans postwar military development.