Actress Komukai arrested upon arrival in Japan

Japanese actress Minako Komukai, wanted for alleged possession of methamphetamines, is set to be arrested upon arrival in Japan from Manila later Friday, police said.

Komukai, 25, also a swimsuit model, left Manila on Friday on a flight bound for Narita airport and is facing charges for buying methamphetamines from an Iranian dealer in Tokyo.She emerged as a suspected buyer after the police cracked down on a group of Japanese and Iranian drug dealers in October last year and looked into the communications records of seized cellphones, they said.

Komukai arrived in Manila on Jan. 21, before the Japanese police obtained an arrest warrant for her. She was sentenced in February 2009 to an 18-month prison term for methamphetamine use, suspended for three years.

Police issue warrant for Minako Komukai

Police revealed on Tuesday that an arrest warrant has been issued for talento Minako Komukai (25), who is suspected of violating the Stimulant Control Law. Komukai’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Last October, police uncovered a narcotics trafficking organization that was selling drugs on the streets of Tokyo’s Shinagawa ward. So far, more than 10 members of the organization have been arrested, including some men of Iranian nationality. More than 20 male and female customers have also been arrested. According to investigators, Komukai is said to have also been a customer, and police decided to issue a warrant on charges of transfer.

Komukai was previously arrested in January 2009 on charges of use of stimulants. She was found guilty in court in February 2009, and she received an 18-month prison sentence, suspended for 3 years. Since the sentence is still under suspension, she will have to serve the term if she is again found guilty.