Ooh So Cute!

Ooh So Cute! is a new site that focuses on everything cute! It’s a one stop shop for everything kawaii and cuddly. The site has an adorable layout and offers an array of everything you may need to make your life a little cuter. Fashion and cute come together on this site like never before. Cute or kawaii characters like Hello Kitty, Miss Bunny, Duffy and Tinker Bell to name a few can be found in every shape and form you can imagine. You can get everything from cute accessories to adorable car floor mats. Kawaii, ne? They even offer things for men and boys as well, cause you know they can use a little cute, too. It seems as long as it’s cute, it’s on Ooh So Cute!

The site hopes to be a place where anyone can find something they like and not have to worry about spending time mulling through other sites weeding out the cute. It also hopes to be a place where families can shop together online. So there won’t be anything unwholesome on the site.

The site has many offerings and will be adding more and more each day. If you know of something cute you should let them know. If you sign in you can rate an item with an +1 Ooh! Heart, share your comments on every item, and get updates via either twitter or RSS. The top rated items are listed so you can participate and help Ooh So Cute! make the world a cuter place!

Now, isn’t that cute!