Miss Universe Japan 2013, Yukimi Matsuo, Aspiring Manga Artist

Yukimi Matsuo, the winner of the Miss Universe Japan (MUJ) 2013 beauty pageant on Monday, revealed in press interviews that since she had achieved the title, she now wants to become a serialized manga artist. She told reporters that she had been drawing manga since quite a few years ago, such as illustrations and four-panel comics. However, due to her modeling, she knew that she would not have any time to serialize a manga in a magazine.

However, last summer, an editor at a web manga magazine invited her to work with him with the aim of her final goal of serialization. She told reporters that she had completed her goal of modeling by winning the pageant, and wanted to take on being a manga artist as her “final challenge” in life, as she is already 25 years old.

She pointed to Ai Yazawa (NANA, Paradise Kiss) and Moyoco Anno (Sakuran, Sugar Sugar Rune) as role models for drawing the beauty of women. When asked what type of person she likes, she said it would be someone who likes manga. Using manga as an example, she specifically called out Leorio from Hunter X Hunter as her type.

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Miss Universe Japan – Covers Up

Miss Universe Japan has agreed to change her national costume…slightly under pressure of complaints and most importantly the Ginza company that unwittingly lent the “obi” belt for the costume. A quote from one of the lenders of the “obi” company stated that “Use is not admitted as long as it did not change.” As a result, the design change was done through necessity.

The leather kimono will be returned to a more traditional style that is longer and doesn’t expose her *pink parts* ahem…lower body and pink underwear. Bye-bye garters.

Ogata the designer’s brand president, aims for a revival in Japanese clothing and in particular, the kimono. He has gartered the attention of the fashion industry with this particular kimono, no doubt.

In case you missed the pageant here are some highlights featuring Emiri Miyasaka…

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Porn Star Costume or Kimono with Attitude? Miss Universe Japan steams up a debate…

Porn Star Costume or Kimono with Attitude? Miss Universe Japan steams up a debate…

This is Emiri Miyasaka, who is representing Japan in the Miss Universe Pageant for 2009, in her all leather Japanese national costume.

The costume was designed by Yoshiyuki Ogata, the designer/owner of the designer brand “Yoshiyuki.”

Kimonos are supposed to be the symbol of the “Modest Japanese Woman.” But ,this is reminiscent of the costumes worn by the girls from “Soap Land” in Yoshiwara. Yoshiyuki Ogata has gotten more than 1000 protests over this all leather kimono costume and is albeit reveling in the publicity. The biggest complaint comes from the company in Ginza that donated the “obi” belt for the kimono without knowing the designer’s full intentions.

People from around the world are arguing that the outfit makes her look like a “Porn Star.”

What do you think of this costume and Miss Universe Japan?