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Mitsubishi Electric Has Installed Japan’s Largest Digital Signage System in Narita Airport

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today that it has completed installation of Japan’s largest digital signage system at Narita International Airport, comprising a total of 100 display units made up of a total of 336 display panels, including Panorama Vision, an organic light-emitting display (OLED) screen.

The system, which covers all passenger terminal areas, displays airport news, entertainment programs and advertisements as well as relaxing imagey, including “Living Japan”, which depicts the beautiful natural scenery of Japan, and “Aquarium Japan,” which shows enchanting marine life. Following an opening ceremony on June 26, 2012, the system will begin full-scale operations.

Narita International Airport has undertaken a fundamental review of airport information presentation and has introduced this digital signage system to deliver appropriate and timely information to its customers.

In addition to manufacturing the large display systems and the video streaming system, Mitsubishi Electric contributed to the overall concept design, including unit placement, design of the large display systems and LCDs, and video content creation, which includes choosing the clearest and most visually appealing fonts and progression speeds for each location and how to most effectively arrange displays to provide information and entertainment to waiting travelers.

Japan to support green city projects abroad

Japan is financially backing its companies that are seeking to build "green cities" — communities with low pollution and renewable energies — in India and elsewhere, a report said Thursday.

The public-private Innovation Network Corp. of Japan plans to invest up to 130 billion yen ($1.5 billion) in such eco-community projects, more of which are planned for China and Southeast Asia, the Nikkei daily said.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has set aside 40 billion yen in funds within its investment and loan programme for fiscal 2011 to cover the fund supply for smart-community development abroad, the daily said.

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Nissan and Mitsubishi to deepen business ties

Nissan Motor Co. and smaller rival Mitsubishi Motors Corp. will deepen business ties to get ahead in the fiercely competitive global car industry, including establishing a minicar joint venture in Japan that could eventually expand to other countries.

In the agreement announced Tuesday, the two Japanese automakers will also make more cars for each other under what is known as an "original equipment manufacture" or OEM partnership. Under such a deal, one automaker supplies vehicles to another automaker to sell under its own brand, enabling companies to lower production costs through economies of scale.

Nissan will produce a small van to be sold under the Mitsubishi brand for the Japanese market, while Mitsubishi will make an SUV sold under the Nissan brand in the Mideast, the companies said.

To cope with capacity shortfalls in Thailand, Nissan will shift production of its brisk-selling Navara pickup truck to Mitsubishi’s plant in Thailand, said Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn. It may collaborate on a new one-ton pickup model as well.

"In the global auto industry, cooperation on specific projects among automakers is becoming increasingly common," Ghosn said at a joint press conference with his Mitsubishi counterpart.

"It is, in fact, a signal of how our industry is evolving to sustain success over the long term, by leveraging size, scale and investments more effectively to create more value," he said.

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