Riisa Naka is the heroine of mobile drama “Party wa Owatta”

Riisa Naka (21) will play the heroine in a new mobile drama series on BeeTV, titled "Party wa Owatta." Her male co-stars will be Hiroki Narimiya (28), Kento Nagayama (21), Sousuke Takaoka (28), Kento Hayashi (20), and Keisuke Koide (26).

Naka plays Toake, a successful manga artist who, despite her beauty, has no boyfriend due to her busy career. A friend invites her to a party full of good-looking men, and she begins to imagine romances with each of them.

The drama is being directed by filmmaker Isao Yukisada ("Parade," "Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu"). This is Yukisada’s second mobile drama, having worked on the "Onnatachi wa Nido Asobu" series that was distributed through BeeTV earlier this year. That show got a total of 13 million downloads, and it was later screened in theaters as a single movie.

Monkey Majik will sing the drama’s theme song, titled "Yume no Sekai." 25 five-minute episodes are planned, starting on February 1.