Namie Amuro’s next single is “Big Boys Cry / Beautiful”

March 6th, Namie Amuro will be releasing her 39th single, “Big Boys Cry / Beautiful.”

The double A-side single will showcase 2 songs used in a series of KOSE ESPRIQUE commercials. “Beautiful” is currently being used in the company’s commercials, while “Big Boys Cry” will be in commercials starting at the end of February.

Amuro is a model and spokesperson for KOSE ESPRIQUE, a Japanese cosmetic brand.

The upcoming release will only be available as a 4-track CD.

Track list:

1. Big Boys Cry
2. Beautiful
3. Big Boys Cry (Instrumental Version)
4. Beautiful (Instrumental Version)

Namie Amuro “Damage” – Lyric Video

Namie Amuro has revealed the official lyric video for her new single "Damage".

The new video shows a short, 1 minute and 53 second clip of the new song with the lyrics flashing by in a cool, animated style.

The new song will be a high energy, rock inspired track that will be used as the theme song for the upcoming movie "Ougon wo Daite Tobe".

"Damage" will be released on October 31st. Check out the lyric video for the song below:

Namie Amuro collaborates with After School, Tomohisa Yamashita, Kaname Kawabata on new album

Details of Namie Amuro’s collaboration compilation "Checkmate!" were officially confirmed on Thursday. Scheduled for release on March 23, the album includes four new songs: "Wonder Woman" with AI and Anna Tsuchiya, "make it happen" with Korean group After School, "#1" with Kaname Kawabata of CHEMISTRY, and "UNUSUAL" with NEWS member Tomohisa Yamashita.

"Wonder Woman" is already being used in a new commercial for Coca-Cola Zero. "UNUSUAL" marks the first time that Amuro has ever collaborated with an artist associated with Johnny’s Jimusho.

The album’s full tracklist has 13 songs. The CD+DVD edition has music videos for 7 of the songs, including the 4 new ones.

Amuro also recently announced an arena tour this year that runs from May 21 to October 8, with a total of 36 shows in 15 venues.

Space Shower Music Video Awards Winners

The recipients of the 2010 Space Shower Music Video Awards were announced on Monday. This year, the biggest winner was Namie Amuro(pictured above), whose song “FAST CAR” (from the album “PAST < FUTURE") picked up two awards: Best Video of the Year and Best Art Direction Video. Ringo Shiina also won a pair of awards: Best Artist and Best Female Video.

  • Best Video of the Year: “FAST CAR,” Namie Amuro
  • Best Artist: Ringo Shiina
  • Best Your Choice: “Oshakashama,” RADWIMPS
  • Best Director: Yuichi Kodama
  • Best Male Video: “Shunkan Speechless,” KREVA
  • Best Female Video: “Tsugou no Ii Shintai,” Ringo Shiina
  • Best Rock Video: “Last Love Letter,” Chatmonchy
  • Best Alternative Video: “Oyasumi Paradox,” Etsuko Yakushimaru
  • Best Pop Video: “Butterfly,” Kaela Kimura
  • Best Groove Video: “SOUND BOY THRILLER feeeeeeeeeeat. LISA,” m-flo
  • Best Conceptual Video: “Native Dancer,” Sakanaction
  • Best Choreography Video: “Gara Gara Go!!,” BIG BANG
  • Best Art Direction Video: “FAST CAR,” Namie Amuro
  • Best Shooting Video: “Futatsu no Kuchibiru,” EXILE
  • Best International Video: “Paparazzi,” Lady Gaga
  • Best New Artist Video: “Emotion Potion,” THE BAWDIES
  • Best Hip Hop Video: “ONCE AGAIN,” RHYMESTER
  • Best Reggae Video: “My Endless Love,” PUSHIM
  • Special Award: Keisuke Kuwata
  • Best Creators’ Choice: “Aishiteru,” Monkey Majik