Thieves target Sukiya gyudon beef bowl restaurants for cash

The National Police Agency has taken the unusual step of telling the operator of the Sukiya gyudon beef bowl chain to tighten its security measures–again–after its outlets were targeted in 90 percent of robberies on such restaurants in the first nine months of this year. The NPA has instructed operator Zensho Co. to increase staff numbers at night and take other crime-prevention steps at its 1,699 outlets nationwide, police said. According to the NPA, 63 of the 71 robberies and attempted robberies of gyudon outlets between January and September targeted Sukiya restaurants, with thieves getting away with about 6.6 million yen. The rival Yoshinoya gyudon chain suffered six robberies during the same period.

Japanese Servers Originated Attack of 35 government and private organizations

The National Police Agency said Thursday it suspects eight computer servers in Japan were involved in a wave of attacks in July on government and commercial Web sites in South Korea and the U.S. and a North Korean connection is suspected.

Police found a program on the servers for issuing instructions to terminals outside of Japan to send large amounts of data.

The denial-of-service attack in July overloaded the Web servers of 35 government and private organizations in the two countries, including the South Korean presidential office.

However, it is not clear whether the Japanese servers originated the instructions to the terminals that sent the large amounts of data, the NPA said.

Tokyo and Seoul are trying to identify the servers.

Source: Kyodo News
Photo by midom