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Odaiba Fuji TV Hanryu Protest

It really happened on August 7th.
More than 1000 people gathered around the Fuji TV building in Odaiba.
They were holding Japanese flags and saying “No more Hanryu(Korean Boom)”
One of the protestors said, “Fuji TV is an evil of Japan. Hanryu Boom is made up and fake.”

It may have come as a shock to people who came to Fuji TV for sightseeing to see so many Japanese protesting the station.

Fuji TV has been quoted stating “Only a few internet users are complaining about Hanryu.” But looking at the sheer number of complaints on the Fuji TV YouTube Channel, one would tend to disagree. The site is currently generating more comments than Lady Gaga’s.

According to the protestors at the demonstration, there is already a bigger demonstration planned. It will be held on August 21st.

Here are some videos from August, 7th.