Public Toilet Shows All for All to see

A “smoke toilet” was recently put in the Japanese city of Oita. The idea being that the transparent window goes opaque, or smokes when someone enters.

Yet, the toilet seems to be exposing those inside for all to see!

The sensor is triggered upon entering and makes the window opaque, hence creating privacy, but in Japan and according to the Oita Press, the opaque window can accidentally go transparent.

But, why? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

The sensor will actually switch the window back to transparent, if there is no movement in the toilet for 35 seconds. The sensor thinks the toilet is empty and the private smokey window shade goes away. And then, “Hello World!”

Currently, the company has no plans to lengthen the duration…

Japan braces for more rain as 19 die

People in southwestern Japan are bracing for more rain after “unprecedented” downpours left at least 19 people dead and eight missing as whole neighbourhoods were swamped.

Television footage showed torrents of muddy water carrying uprooted trees and other debris, while rivers burst their banks and flooded towns and villages in the main southern island of Kyushu.

Residential streets in the city of Kumamoto were buried in mud, while battered cars that had been swept away by flood water were left dumped on hillsides in scenes reminiscent of the March 2011 tsunami in the northeast.

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Record Heavy Rain Pounds Oita, Kumamoto – 50,000 ordered to evacuate after 3 dead

At least three people have died and 50,000 have been ordered to evacuate their homes as unprecedented rains pound southwestern prefectures of Kumamoto and Oita in Kyushu, officials and media said Thursday.

Emergency workers in Kumamoto Prefecture are responding to multiple reports of mudslides swallowing houses and people trapped, with access roads blocked by mud or gushing water, officials said.

Self-Defense Force troops have been deployed with more than 500 millimeters of rain falling in the eight hours to 10 a.m. Thursday in some parts of the prefecture.

“Particularly in Kumamoto and Oita prefectures, we are seeing the heaviest rain that the region has ever experienced,” the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

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