Kyoto sex-club guide spots go underground

Recent local legislation in Kyoto is causing sex-club recommendation centers to emerge in highly unlikely places, reports weekly tabloid Shukan Jitsuwa (Mar. 10).

Following the enactment last November of a law that prohibits the existence of fuzoku navigational shops, the operations have gone underground in the Gion and Kiyamachi districts of Japan’s former capital.

(For non-regular readers of Shukan Jitsuwa — shame on you — such places will typically offer computer terminals, area brochures, and guidebooks featuring local clubs that potential customers may use to seek their desired form of debauchery.)

The new variation has taken shape inside usually mundane shops.

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Going bananas with a vending machine

A vending machine selling fresh bananas, the first of its kind outside Tokyo, has debuted in the Tenjin downtown area in the city of Fukuoka, selling bunches for ¥390.

Dole Japan Inc., which set up the vending machine Monday, hopes the novel device will, like a machine in the Shibuya district in Tokyo, attract young people.

That one, set up in June, sold around 9,000 bananas in the first month.

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Otaku Fantasy is Getting Closer to Reality thanks to Science

Demonstrating a new method for fabricating three-dimensional living biological structures, researchers at University of Tokyo’s Institute of Industrial Science (IIS) created a 5-millimeter tall doll composed of living cells.

In an announcement made on January 22nd, the researchers said they created the tiny figure by cultivating 100,000 cell capsules — 0.1-millimeter balls of collagen, each coated with dozens of skin cells — together inside a doll-shaped mold for one day. After the cell capsules had coalesced to form the doll-shaped mass of tissue, it was placed in a culture solution, where it survived for more than a day according to the report.

The researchers, led by IIS professor Shoji Takeuchi, also successfully tested the bio-fabrication method with human liver cells. According to Takeuchi, the technique can be used to create bodily organs and tissues with complex cellular structures, which may prove useful in the fields of regenerative medicine and drug development.


The overall shape can be controlled by changing the mold,” said Takeuchi, who expressed a desire to combine multiple types of cells to create a complex system that functions as a living organism.

More info can be in this pdf which can downloaded from the IIS site: more.

The Nenmatsu Jumbo

Nenmatsu Jumbo Lottery Ticket
Nenmatsu Jumbo Lottery Ticket

The Nenmatsu Jumbo or the end of the year Lottery was held today. It has to be the largest lottery in Japan. The grand prize is ¥200,000,000 ($2 million USD). Good luck to all that entered!

We just thought the tickets were cool and wanted to share. It beats any lottery ticket we’ve seen esthetically.

We did a little better than breaking even this year by getting a lucky $100 ticket ending in 254.

If you won something let us know! Add your winnings and numbers in the comments below.

Happy New Year!