Shonan Maru 2 Crew Members Pepper Sprayed Themeselves and then Blamed Sea Shepherd Crew

“If Japanese Fisheries Minister Hirotaka Akamatsu has any sense of honor and dignity he will apologize for the lies that the Institute of Cetacean Research have made in accusing Sea Shepherd of injuring three Japanese whalers on February 11th,” said Paul Watson, the Captain of the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin.

Japan’s Fisheries Minister Hirotaka Akamatsu publicly condemned Sea Shepherd and told reporters on Friday, “I am full of rage. I could not believe they did such a thing.”

“Well, Mr. Alamatsu, we did not do such a thing, and we have the documentation to prove that the injuries suffered by the three crewmembers on the Shonan Maru 2 were self inflicted,” said Captain Watson.

The video taken by Sea Shepherd provides irrefutable evidence that the three Japanese crew members were overcome with pepper spray that they had sprayed into the wind in their attempt to fire the chemical irritant at Sea Shepherd crew in an inflatable boat.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has an unblemished record of never having caused a single injury and this video evidence absolves Sea Shepherd of any blame in this incident and will expose the fact that the Institute for Cetacean Research and the crew of the Shonan Maru 2 deliberately fabricated the story that they were injured by the rotten butter bombs tossed on the deck by Sea Shepherd crew.

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