Kan!!!!! Japan PM survives no-confidence vote

Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan survived a no-confidence vote on Thursday after pledging to step down once the country is on the road to recovery from the March 11 quake and nuclear disaster.

The promise to hand over power to a younger generation appeased internal party rebels who had threatened to bring down Kan, the country’s fifth premier in as many years, days before his first anniversary in the job.

The motion brought by the opposition conservative Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and its allies was defeated by a comfortable 293-152 margin after most lawmakers of the centre-left ruling party fell into line behind Kan.

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Allies to Kan give support to S. Korea in island dispute

Japans Prime Minister Naoto Kan suffered a fresh political blow Thursday as one of his allies was found to have supported South Korea in a bitter territorial row between the two countries.Ryuichi Doi, a lawmaker and adviser to Kans study group in the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, admitted he inadvertently signed a document at a political gathering in Seoul which backed the South Korean claim to disputed islands.

The document in part called for former coloniser Japan to renounce its sovereignty claims to a group of South Korea-controlled islets, known as Takeshima in Japan and Dokdo in South Korea."I did not closely examine" the text, the 72-year-old politician told a news conference a day after his apparently unpatriotic act drew fire in local media."I wish to apologise to the nation and the people concerned," Doi said, offering to give up his posts as chairman of the lower house panel on political ethics and as the head of a party executive council.

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Kan Took Donation From Japan Foreign Resident, Asahi Says

Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan accepted a donation from a foreign resident in violation of political contribution laws, the same infraction that forced the resignation of his foreign minister, the Asahi newspaper said.

Kan received 1.04 million yen ($12,500) from a South Korean resident of Japan, the newspaper reported today without saying where it got the information. Kan told his Cabinet this morning that he wasn’t aware of the nationality of the person who contributed funds to his office, cabinet ministers said today.

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