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Radiation Levels in Japan Low after Fukushima Accident

Radiation levels in most of Japan are below cancer-causing levels a year after the Fukushima plant accident, a World Health Organisation WHO report published on Wednesday says.

Two areas near the plant have relatively higher levels of radiation, but radiation levels in surrounding countries are close to normal.The preliminary report is part of a wider ongoing health assessment by WHO.

Fukushima nuclear plant was badly damaged in the 2011 Japan earthquake.

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Japan: Fallout levels twice initial estimate according to new study

The Fukushima nuclear accident released double the amount of cesium-137 into the atmosphere than the government initially estimated, reaching 40 percent of the total emitted during the Chernobyl disaster, a preliminary report said.

The estimate of much higher levels of cesium-137 comes from a worldwide network of sensors. Report coauthor Andreas Stohl, of the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, said the government estimate came only from data in Japan and didn’t include emissions blown out to the Pacific Ocean.

Cesium-137 is considered harmful because it can remain in the environment for decades, releasing cancer-causing radiation. The report did not consider the health implications of the emissions.

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