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China Tracks Down Foreign Journalists and Detains

Western journalists have lately been tolerated in China, if grudgingly, but the spread of revolution in the Middle East has prompted the authorities here to adopt a more familiar tack: suddenly, foreign reporters are being tracked and detained in the same manner — though hardly as roughly — as political dissidents.

On Sunday, about a dozen European and Japanese journalists in Shanghai were herded into an underground bunker-like room and kept for two hours after they sought to monitor the response to calls on an anonymous Internet site for Chinese citizens to conduct a “strolling” protest against the government outside the Peace Cinema, near Peace Square in Shanghai.

In Beijing, several plainclothes officers planted themselves on Saturday night outside the home of a Bloomberg News correspondent who was severely beaten by security officers the previous week as he sought to cover a similar Internet-inspired protest there. In a telephone interview, the correspondent said that seven officers in two separate cars had trailed him to a basketball game on Sunday, recording his trip on video the entire time.

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Japan PM faces party revolt

Japan’s centre-left Premier Naoto Kan, in power just seven months, faced a mutiny from a small group of party lawmakers on Thursday that threatened his reform agenda and weakened his leadership.

Sixteen lawmakers loyal to Kan’s internal party rival, scandal-tainted powerbroker Ichiro Ozawa, asked to leave the party’s grouping within parliament and signalled they may not support the party in votes on crucial laws.

The rebels said they were acting in protest at Kan’s lack of leadership and his failure to meet the original pledges of the Democratic Party of Japan, which swept to power in 2009, ending a half-century of conservative rule.

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