Aum may be gone, but guru still has following

Judicial proceedings for Aum Shinrikyo figures effectively came to an end Monday as Seiichi Endo became the 13th member of the doomsday cult to have his death sentence finalized by the Supreme Court.Spin control: Hiroshi Araki, spokesman for Aleph, a spinoff of Aum Shinrikyo, faces the media Monday in front of the Supreme Court.

But while Aums criminal masterminds await the hangmans noose on death row, splinter groups remain active and are showing signs of loyalty to guru Shoko Asahara.

"Aleph is operating under Aums old teachings. They are taking a defiant attitude," Kazuyuki Furuma, a resident of Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, told The Japan Times on Monday. Furuma heads a group that wants Aum-related groups ousted from the ward.

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