Shinken Pink’s Takanashi Rin to star in Abbas Kiarostami’s “The End”

Actress Takanashi Rin (22), best known as Shinken Pink from “Samurai Sentai Shinkenger,” has been chosen to star in the next movie by Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami. Titled “THE END,” the movie was originally reported to be a sequel of sorts to Kiarostami’s 2010 film “Certified Copy.”

The movie depicts a love story between a female college student and an intellectual man in his 60s. Early this year, it was reported that actress Aoi Miyazaki (25) received an offer to star in the movie, but in the end Takanashi was selected for the role. For the role of the man, actor Okuno Tadashi was chosen through audition.

Kase Ryo and Denden have also been cast.

Filming started on October 29 and will last until early December. The movie will be released in Japan during summer 2012, but there are plans to have its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Rin Takanashi to star in Outer Space Comedy, Uchuu Daisakusen

Actress Rin Takanashi (21) has been given the heroine role in the upcoming TV Tokyo drama series “Uchuu Daisakusen.” The show will air late night on Fridays (12:53am) for 24 episodes, starting on July 9.

Takanashi, best known for playing Shinken Pink in the tokusatsu series “Samurai Sentai Shinkenger,” will portray an android with superhuman strength named Ohana who wants to be like an ordinary girl. The show is said to have a comedic touch, with Shigeyuki Totsugi (36) and Jin Katagiri (36) providing part of the laughs.

The story is set in outer space in the 26th century, starting from a planet at the end of the galaxy that is on the verge of societal ruin. A spaceship is sent out towards Earth, which is said to have once possessed the means of preventing such destruction. Katagiri plays the ship’s captain, while Totsugi plays the pilot and a former space pirate. Also on board are Ohana and a translating dog.

The first episode will include child actress Nozomi Ohashi (11) in a guest role.