Cool Biz and Super Cool Biz Campaigns Ready

The government will launch its Cool Biz campaign again this year on May 1, the same as last year. Prior to 2011, the campaign began on June 1, but it was brought forward by a month last year in a bid to conserve electricity after worries that there would be a power shortage following the March 11 disaster.

The campaign will last until Oct 31, according to the Environment Ministry. During this time, employees are encouraged to ditch their suits and ties for open-necked, short-sleeved shirts.

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Japan: Beat the Heat with a Spray Can of Cooling-Foam!

Check out this video of the latest product in Japan to beat the heat of the summer.

It’s cooling foam. “Hokkyoku Monogatari” (directly translated: Tales of the North Pole) foam offer a whole new method of cooling down. It’s like malleable and stuff and it makes you feel cold. You can make any shape with it. Cool for bracelets and necklaces made of foam.

Now can this be the next hot and new fashion accessory? Maybe, might depend on how high the temperature gets this summer…

‘Super Cool Biz’ fashion show

A model presents a casual office wear during a ‘Super Cool Biz’ fashion show Wednesday, June 1, 2011. Japan’s ‘Super Cool Biz’ campaign kicked off with the government-sponsored event featuring outfits appropriate for the office yet cool enough to endure the sweltering heat. This summer may be especially brutal. Looming for Japan is a potential power crunch, the result of the March 11 tsunami crippling the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant.