Rescue in Japan as 2 pulled from rubble 9 days after Quake

A grandmother and her teenage grandson were rescued Sunday in Japan, nine days after they became trapped in their home following the earthquake and tsunami, officials said.

In the southern part of the Miyagi city of Ishinomaki, the 80-year-old woman and 16-year-old boy were rescued by medical workers, authorities said.

Police were searching for survivors in the vicinity. The boy manged to crawl through the rubble onto the roof, the Ishinomaki police department said.

A relative had reported the two missing on March 13, police said.

Police gave the specific location as Kadonowakimachi, in the southern part of Ishinomaki near the coast.The news gave hope to others that their missing loved ones may be found alive.

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Student from Japan finds family alive on YouTube

Akiko Kosaka, a student from Japan attending the University of California at Riverside, had lost all hope for her family in Minami Sanriku, the fishing village where more than half of the 17,000 residents are missing and feared dead in the aftermath of last week’s tsunami.

For three days, she scoured the Internet. She received one e-mail that her youngest sister, Yukako, 13, was likely safe in her middle school’s shelter. But what about her parents, paternal grandparents and older sister, who all lived under the same roof?

When the mayor was quoted in the media as saying he barely survived the tsunami, Kosaka thought the worst, because her father’s pharmacy was located near the town hall.

"I didn’t think they survived," Kosaka, 20, told CNN during a tearful interview Tuesday. "I cried for three days — Friday, Saturday, Sunday."

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Survivor as OJT

Nissin Foods Holdings Co. will send 13 assistant general managers and 17 workers from its other group companies, including 4 executive officers around 40 years old, to a desert island in Seto Inland Sea for OJT (on the job training) starting August 26th.

The workers can take water, flour, plastic sheets, and of course instant – “Chicken Ramen,” which is Nissin Foods’ most famous product. They have to survive by making fire and cooking with their own made tools, while sleeping on or using for shelter the plastic sheets for 2 nights and 3 days.

The company has been using this OJT practice to train its younger workers physically and mentally since 2003. The first two years, it was done on a desert island, and then it was done on a mountain in Saitama from 2006 to 2008. But now it is going back to its tough beginnings on a desert island, so that it will be harder to survive.

On the monster website “2 channel,” people are saying “ Sounds fun,” and asking “Is it a TV project?” and some think “It is a ridiculous publicity stunt.” What do you think?