Comedian Tamura Atsushi has a new girlfriend – Yano Mikiko

Popular comedian Tamura Atsushi (37) of the duo London Boots 1go 2go has found a new girlfriend. According to Josei Seven, Tamura spent the night at the apartment of Non-no fashion model Yano Mikiko (24) earlier this month.

Josei Seven says that both of them were enjoying a meal at an izakaya in Tokyo with a group of about 30 people, including television staff members. After that, Tamura headed to Yano’s apartment and spent the night there, and they made sure to leave at different times the next morning.

Tamura’s agency, Yoshimoto Kogyo, has confirmed the relationship. A source close to the couple says that they got to know each other through work around the start of this year. Yano later appeared on the “London Hearts” television show in May. The magazine also reports that Yano was dating someone else initially, but Tamura’s aggressive approach won her over.

Tamura was previously dating singer Amuro Namie (33), but they broke up last summer. In May of last year, Yano was rumored to be dating JYJ member Jejung (25).

AKB48’s “Naruhodo High School” gets golden time slot

Hot on the heels of selling more than 900,000 copies with their latest single, idol group AKB48 has revealed that they will have their own regular television show, starting this spring. Titled “Naruhodo! High School,” it will be the group’s first show in a prized “golden time” slot, airing on Thursday nights at 7:00pm.

The show originally aired twice last year as a special program under the title “Naruhodo High School” (without the exclamation mark). The first one, broadcast on May 30, 2010, achieved ratings of 8.0%, and the second one on October 9 improved that to 11.8%. Encouraged by the results, NTV decided to make it a regular offering, beginning this April.

“Naruhodo High School” is an information and variety show, which also involves the members of AKB48 carrying out various experiments, such as skydiving to determine at what altitude a mobile phone begins getting reception.

It is anticipated that approximately 20 members of AKB48 will appear in each episode of the show. Comedian Tamura Atsushi (37) of the duo London Boots 1-go 2-go will be a regular host as their “homeroom teacher.” Special celebrity appearances are planned for the show, as well as collaborations with other popular NTV programs.