Skull Reaper A-ji, Japanese politician banned for wearing wrestling mask to meetings

A local politician elected in the southern Japan city of Oita in February has been banned from council meetings for refusing to take off his full-face wrestling mask.

Skull Reaper A-ji won just 2,828 votes in the election, campaigning on a platform demanding educational reform and improved social welfare facilities, but that was sufficient for him to take a seat in the city council.

But even before he could attend his first meeting, other councillors suggested that it was inappropriate for a member of the assembly to wear a mask to conceal their identity.

But 44-year-old Skull Reaper A-ji resisted their requests that he remove his trademark item of clothing, a red-and-black leather mask similar to the “lucha libre” masks affected by wrestlers in Mexico.

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Tiger Mask donates Geiger counters

Tiger Mask, has donated 500 radiation detectors to kindergartners in Fukushima and Ibaraki prefectures.

On the prowl: The wrestler known as Tiger Mask shows radiation detectors in the city of Fukushima on Tuesday. KYODO PHOTO

On Tuesday, Sayama visited the city of Fukushima and handed the detectors to Akinobu Seki, head of a local association of private kindergartens.

The Fukushima nuclear disaster has contaminated the environment with radiation, especially around Fukushima Prefecture.

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Real life hero – Naoto Date, ‘Tiger Mask’ repaying welfare facilities

Child welfare institutions and consultation centers in cities across the country are receiving school bags or cash gifts from someone who claims to be the hero of a popular wrestling comic book and TV series from the 1960s.

It all began at the Chuo Child Consultation Center in Gunma Prefecture on Dec. 25. As one of the employees came to work on Christmas Day, she found 10 boxes containing school bags that were left on the entrance of the facility as she arrived for work.

A note signed by a "Naoto Date" was left with the boxes.

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