Broadcasters begin using Tokyo Skytree

Six major broadcasters in Tokyo started using Tokyo Skytree instead of Tokyo Tower to transmit digital terrestrial television signals to the Japanese capital and neighboring areas Friday morning.

The move is designed to improve reception of TV signals that has deteriorated due to a recent increase in the number of high-rise buildings.

Japan opens new worlds tallest tower in Tokyo – Tokyo Sky Tree Tower

The worlds tallest tower and Tokyos biggest new landmark, the Tokyo Sky Tree, has opened to the public.

Nearly 8,000 visitors were expected to take high-speed elevators up to the observation decks of the 2,080-foot tower Tuesday to mark its opening.

It is recognized by Guinness World Records as the tallest tower, beating out the Canton Tower in China, which is 1,968 1/2 feet. The worlds tallest structure is Dubais Burj Khalifa, which stands 2,717 feet. Thats in a different category because its a skyscraper, not a tower.

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Tokyo Sky Tree Tower Uses Anti-Quake Technology

A Tokyo developer took visitors up the worlds tallest freestanding broadcast structure on Tuesday, a 634-meter 2,080-foot tower with special technology meant to withstand earthquakes that often strike Japan.The Tokyo Skytree is the worlds second-tallest structure behind the 828-meter 2,717-foot Burj Khalifa in Dubai, according to owner Tobu Tower Skytree Co.The needle-like radio and television tower opens to the public on May 22.

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Locals worried by ice and snow falling from Tokyo Sky Tree Tower

The builders of Tokyo Sky Tree have announced some of the technologies that have been installed to deal with the winter weather, after it was confirmed that chunks of snow and ice had fallen from the upper portion of the structure to the street below between January and March this year.

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Tokyo Sky Tree, Japan’s new TV tower is world’s tallest

Japan can boast the world’s tallest free-standing television tower as of Tuesday, when the under-construction Tokyo Sky Tree rose to a height of 601 metres (1,971 feet).

The steel structure eclipsed China’s 600-metre Canton Tower, which opened in Guangzhou in September — although both are shorter than the world’s tallest building, Dubai’s 828-metre Burj Khalifa skyscraper.

The Tokyo Sky Tree rose to 601 metres at 1:29 pm (0429 GMT), when workers lifted part of its antenna section into place, said Tobu Railway, the main investor in the 65-billion-yen (790-million-dollar) project.

Already a popular landmark in eastern Tokyo, the broadcast tower is scheduled to reach its top height of 634 metres this month and be completed by the end of the year.

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Yakuza groups denied by Japan’s frustrated contractors

News organizations have consistently celebrated the steady rise of the Tokyo Sky Tree in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward. Yet the most interesting aspect to the building project, set to reach a height of 634 meters, might be taking place at ground level.

At the base of the steel structure, a signboard, complete with a stick-figure campaign character raising its fists in anger, announces that yakuza criminal gangs are prohibited from participating in the project, which is scheduled to be completed in 2012.

In November 2008, members of construction companies formed a committee designed to exclude gangster groups. A similar arrangement was conceived for the new incarnation of the Kabuki-za theater in Ginza, Chuo Ward, whose historic building closed this year.

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Tokyo Sky Tree is gettting taller and taller

The Tokyo Sky Tree tower, under construction in central Tokyo and already the tallest building in Japan, topped the 400-meter mark Friday, reaching 408 meters in height in the afternoon, its operator said.

The new communications tower in Sumida Ward is scheduled to be 634 meters high, possibly next spring, after extending its antenna. It will be used mainly for terrestrial digital broadcasting.

Friday’s work was originally scheduled for Thursday but was postponed due to strong winds, according to tower operator Tobu Tower Sky Tree Co.

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Tokyo Sky Tree now the tallest structure in Japan

Tokyo Sky Tree, a new tower under construction for terrestrial digital broadcasting, reached 338 meters Monday, surpassing Tokyo Tower and becoming the tallest structure in Japan. The new tower in Sumida Ward will be 634 meters tall when it is completed at the end of 2011. Tokyo Tower, a 333-meter radio and TV transmission tower in Minato Ward, was the country’s tallest structure for 52 years.