Toma Ikuta, Yui Ichikawa secret daters?

Sports Hochi has a possible scoop with news today that actor Toma Ikuta (25) and actress Yui Ichikawa (24) may be in a relationship. According to the report, the two have been secretly dating for the past five years.

A source close to Ikuta and Ichikawa says they initially met through a mutual friend and began dating nearly five years ago. Both of them entered show business in their early teens, so they are said to have become friends due to their common goals. That friendship apparently grew into love. One other source says that they broke up at one point, but their similar values and their strong bond brought them back together again.

So far, the two have never acted together. To prevent any negative effects on their work, they have only revealed their relationship to close friends and have made sure to never be seen together on dates.

When asked about the couple, Ikuta’s management stated that it had not heard anything. Ichikawa’s agency also said that it was unaware of a relationship.

Both Ikuta and Ichikawa are at critical points in their careers at the moment. Ikuta has been taking on a series of major roles, including the movies "Ningen Shikkaku" and "Genji Monogatari." Ichikawa, who started her career primarily as an idol, has been transitioning towards more serious acting and finally got her first starring television role this summer in NHK’s "Katsura Chizuru Shinsatsu Nichiroku."