Toshi of Taka and Toshi Marries

Comedian (33), one half of the popular duo Taka and Toshi, recently got married to his girlfriend of sixteen years. They registered their marriage on May 7, and they plan to hold a simple wedding this summer.

The woman (33) is said to be Toshi’s first love, a classmate from high school whom he began dating as a second-year student. In 2002, he and Taka moved from Sapporo to Tokyo to advance their comedy careers. Toshi’s girlfriend also moved with him, finding work at an apparel company. Their relationship was discovered by the media in February 2007, after Taka and Toshi already got their big break.

Last December, Toshi had declared that he would get married during this year, and in January he refined that statement, saying he would get married by this summer.