Toyota recalls 242,000 Prius, Lexus Hybrid Cars

Toyota Motor Corp. says it is recalling about 242,000 of its Prius and Lexus hybrid vehicles due to problems with their braking systems.

The company said Wednesday the recall applies to about 233,000 Prius vehicles made between March and October 2009 and about 9,000 Lexus HS250h models made between June and October 2009.

Toyota said the Prius vehicles affected are sold worldwide. The Lexus sedans are sold in the U.S. and Japan.

The automaker said brake pressure parts in the vehicles could crack due to vibration, slowing response times.

Toyota recalls 135,000 compact cars in Japan, Europe

Toyota recalled 135,000 compact cars in Japan and Europe Thursday for a software problem that could cause power steering to stop working.

There were no reports of accidents or injuries related to the problem affecting the iQ model sold in Japan and Europe, and the Passo sold only in Japan, according to Toyota Motor Corp.

Driving over a bump may cause programming to malfunction, making the power steering uncontrollably heavy, the world’s top automaker said.

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Toyota Recalling 1.53 Million Cars for Fluid Leak

Toyota Motor Corp.’s recall of 1.53 million autos worldwide for a flaw linked to brake-fluid leaks boosts the company’s tally of U.S. vehicles requiring repairs to more than 5 million this year. Honda Motor Co. plans to fix hundreds of thousands of vehicles for the same defect.

Toyota said yesterday it will repair about 740,000 vehicles in the U.S. and 599,000 in Japan with rubber seals at risk of allowing leaks. U.S. models affected include Avalon sedans, Highlander sport-utility vehicles and Lexus GS 300, IS 250 and IS 350 luxury cars. The Toyota City, Japan-based company has announced recalls covering 5.4 million U.S. autos this year.

“They seem to know they must be very open about this to restore customer confidence,” said Ian Fletcher, an analyst at IHS Automotive in London. “They can’t afford anymore to have the massive political trial they had in the U.S.”

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Toyota recalls over 400,000 cars in US and 16,000 in Japan

Toyota is recalling 412,000 passenger cars, mostly the Avalon model, in the U.S., and another 16,420 vehicles in Japan for steering problems, the automaker said Thursday.

The 373,000 Avalons being recalled in the U.S. range from the 2000 model year through to 2004 and have improper casting of the steering lock bar — a component for the steering system — causing cracks to develop on the surface.

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Toyota begins recall of 90,000 Lexus and Crown vechicles in Japan

Toyota on Monday began recalling more than 90,000 luxury Lexus and Crown vehicles in Japan as part of a global recall over defective engines — the latest setback for the automaker beset with quality problems.

On Friday, Toyota Motor Corp. said it would recall a total of 270,000 Lexus and Crown vehicles worldwide to fix flaws in the valve springs, a crucial engine component, that could make the automobile stall while in motion. That includes 138,000 vehicles in the U.S., 91,903 in Japan, 15,000 in Europe, 10,000 in the Middle East, 6,000 in China, 4,000 in Canada, and 8,000 in other regions.

“We apologize for inconveniencing our customers. We hope to fix the problem soon,” Toyota spokesman Paul Nolasco said in a statement.

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U.S. seeks $16.4 Million Civil Fine Against Toyota

The Transportation secretary, Ray LaHood, said Monday that the federal government would seek a $16.375 million civil fine, the largest allowed, against Toyota Motor over a recall of sticking accelerator pedals on 2.3 million vehicles.

Mr. LaHood, in a statement, said the company had failed to promptly notify the government when it learned of problems with vehicles elsewhere in the world.

If the fine were levied, it would be the largest civil penalty assessed by the government against a car company, although fines against other companies, like airlines, have been far higher.

Under the law, Toyota has two weeks to accept or contest the fine. It has not replied to the department, a Transportation spokeswoman said. If the company decided to fight the penalty, the government could seek to have it imposed in court.

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Cry me a Toyota Campaign launched as man tears of Toyoda woo Japan — well almost.

“Otoko naki”—crying while maintaining masculinity is Toyoda’s latest achievement in his efforts to win back the confidence of the people.

The Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda’s tearful public appearances during and after his Congressional testimony in the U.S. won sympathetic votes in Japan on Friday as images and sound bites of the media-shy executive monopolized headlines.

Following Toyoda’s Congressional hearing at which he apologized and assumed full responsibility for the series of events and lapses in judgment that led to the recall of 8.5 million vehicles globally, a tearful Toyoda addressed local Toyota employees.

Yukio Hatoyama, Japan’s prime minister, said Thursday: “It was good for the Toyota president to appear in person at the hearing and testify” on the company’s massive recalls, but he added, “I don’t think this has put an end [to the issue].”

Can Toyoda make Toyota look good in front of Congress?

Toyota president Akio Toyoda, under fire for his handling of massive safety recalls, was expected to leave Japan Saturday for the United States where he faces a grilling in front of a hostile Congress. The head of the embattled Japanese automaker has bowed to calls to appear in front of US lawmakers after an initial reluctance, a flip flop that has drawn further criticism and added to impressions of a public relations disaster.

Japan is now looking to Toyota president Akio Toyoda’s appearance before U.S. lawmakers next week to help burnish an image marred by a flood of recalls — and to prevent grievances over the issue from fanning broader political tensions.

“I hope Toyota will soon regain the trust of their customers around the world,” Japan’s Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada told reporters Friday.

“Although this is a matter of one individual company, we wish to back them up as much as we can as it could become a national issue,” Okada said.

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Toyota will recall 270,000 Prius hybrid vehicles

Toyota will recall 270,000 Prius hybrid vehicles over brake problems in the United States and Japan, a report said Friday, while the beleaguered auto giant launched an investigation into possible problems with the brakes in two more hybrids including the luxury Lexus.

The recall would affect the new Prius hybrid model, and Toyota Motor Corp. would soon notify Japan’s transport ministry and the U.S. Department of Transportation of the recall, Japan’s top business newspaper, Nihon Keizai, said Friday.