Sendai Airport Opens with WWII Bomb Still Present

A huge World War II bomb uncovered near a busy runway at Sendai airport in Miyagi Prefecture was underneath a shield of concrete and sandbags on Wednesday as flights resumed, a government official said.

A worker rebuilding drainage systems at the Airport—which was swamped by last year’s tsunami—on Monday uncovered the 225-kilogram bomb, believed to have been dropped by U.S. forces.

Bomb disposal experts ordered the construction of three-meter-high concrete walls, supported by soil up to the same height, to protect the bomb.

Crews piled some 300 sandbags, each weighing a ton, on top of the mound to construct a casing that stands six meters high.

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Japan Airport Closed After WWII Bomb Found

A major airport in northern Japan was closed Tuesday after construction workers found an unexploded bomb believed to be from World War II.

All 92 flights in and out of Sendai airport were cancelled after the 250-kilogram (550-pound) bomb was uncovered during construction near a runway, local police official Hiroshi Ouchi said. The bomb was identified as American-made and is believed to be a dud from World War II.

It appeared to have a working detonator, and a military bomb squad was considering whether to move the bomb or explode it on the spot. Evacuations of nearby homes were being considered, Ouchi said.

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