Idol label launched by Tower Records with Vanilla Beans and Negicco as first groups

Music store Tower Records held an event at its Shibuya branch on Friday (June 3) to announce the launch of its new idol-only label, T-Palette Records. The label’s first two artists are the duo Vanilla Beans and the Niigata-based trio Negicco.

On May 24, Vanilla Beans had announced that they would hold an “urgent press conference” on June 3, though they gave no details at the time. Along with the announcement of their move to T-Palette Records, they revealed that they are releasing a new single called “Tengoku e no Kaidan” on June 29, followed by a full album titled “Vanilla Beans II” on July 20.

“Tengoku e no Kaidan” is actually a cover of the famous Led Zeppelin song “Stairway to Heaven” (which is also known as “Tengoku e no Kaidan” in Japan). The single’s coupling songs are their early songs “nicola” and “a little crying,” plus a cover of Pizzicato Five’s “Baby Portable Rock.”

Meanwhile, Negicco will be getting their start with the mini-album “GET IT ON!,” also being released on July 20. The group has been active in the Niigata prefecture since 2003, mainly as promoters of the region’s yawahada-negi (a type of green onion), but their victory in the U.M.U Award 2010 idol audition put them on track to debut nationally.

Vanilla Beans ready to launch Best album

On September 22nd, idol pop duo, Vanilla Beans, will release their first best album, “VaniBest“, as they have just finished the recording and artwork.

The best album will contain fun songs from the beginning of Rena and Rika’s career, such as “U ♡ Me” and “a little crying,” but there will be alternative recorded versions with newer member Risa on them, so even older fans have something new. They will also include covers on the album, notably Pizzcato Five classic “Tokyo wa Yoru no Shichiji“, and Jack 10’s ending theme “100bankai no SMK“.

When all the new songs and newly recorded versions are put together, there are a total of 11 new tracks on the best album. Plus, as a bonus, the group has included four versions of their “Hyakuninisshuu” radio CM.

Not surprisingly though, the aspect of the new release that is getting the most attention is the cover art. It shows the duo leaning in about to kiss each other, using the same style as they did for their May mini-album, “Def & Def.”

Do you think the marketing ploy will work once again, or is it just becoming repetitive now?

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