What’s happening to Japanese boys?

We have a serious problem of fewer children in Japan these days. There are some causes of it, and today, I focus on Soushoku Danshi (Vegetarian Boys).

Vegetarian Boys are not literally Vegetarian, but they are not active in dating or in pursuit of girls. So they are not hunters. This is why they are called vegetarian. They are of course interested in those things, but they think it is better to spend money and time doing their own business than working hard to get a girl’s attention.

Followings are other points of Soushoku Danshi (by Wikipedia).

  • They respect women equally as men (which is different from how Japanese boys used to be)
  • They spend more time with their male friends and families.
  • Have very fragile hearts and fear to be hurt, also afraid of hurting others.
  • Their energy goes to their hobby, works and fashions instead of going to dating.
  • They travel or go shopping if girls ask them to go, but their relationships are hard to develop into love.
  • They think sex culture is just a waste of time, and don’t spend their money for it.
  • Girls usually think of them as good persons, but don’t consider them as boyfriends.
  • Nothing would happen if girls spent the night with them.
  • They like staying at home more than going out.
  • They love sweets and cooking.
  • They like traveling in Japan, but are not interested in going abroad.

Specialists say one of the possible reasons of Vegetarian Boys increase in number is the principle of the equality of the sexes, which came from western culture. When Japanese women started insisting rights and got stronger positions in society they paid a price. Some boys think they are too independent and not so “Yamato Nadeshiko” or feminine and modest. It was because of “Yamato Nadeshiko” that Japanese boys felt they had to protect women. Now, some boys believe and say, “Figures are better than real girls, because they don’t talk back rudely, and never get old and ugly!”

And women are confused, too. They are not asked to date even if they try to look attractive. There are always fewer males than females at matchmaking parties.

If Soushoku Danshi keep increasing, Japanese seeds are going to go extinct. We will just have to wait and see what’s going to happen in the next few decades…