Energy Smart Japan places 18th in new wind farms in ’10

Japan placed 18th in the global rankings for new wind power installations in 2010, creating 221,000 kw of renewable energy capacity compared with 16.5 million kw by China, the world’s front-runner, according to a recent study by an international trade association.

Japan’s total wind-power generating capacity grew about 10 percent from the previous year against 22.5 percent globally as many countries rushed to develop alternative energy sources to fight climate change and reduce their reliance on oil, the Global Wind Energy Council said.

The global output capacity of wind farms increased by 35,800,000 kw to 194,390,000 kw last year, said GWEC.

Japan trailed emerging economies Brazil and Mexico in new installations.

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Wireless Robot Puppeteer – WIND System wields new control over robots

It goes without saying that Japan loves robots. Japanese pop culture has had a love affair with our metallic friends since the ’50s, and slowly but surely science is catching up to their imagination. fuRo, a Japanese robotic research & development firm, has taken their first tentative steps towards realizing a glorious future of wirelessly controlled robotic surrogates.

fuRo’s WIND (Wireless Intelligent Networked Device) Robot System uses a vest-mounted series of System in Package (SiP) chips (the same all-in-one chips used in MP3 players and cell phones) and positional sensors to allow the user to wirelessly control a robot through bodily movement.

The applications could be extended for use in video games as well.

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