Cellphone taps lead to 22 arrests last year in Japan

Police wiretapped mobile phones in 10 investigations last year and the eavesdropping led to the arrest of 22 people, a Justice Ministry report to the Diet showed Friday. The 10 investigations involved narcotics trafficking, underworld-conspired murder and gun possession, three of the four areas in which courts issue wiretapping warrants. All 22 arrests involved drug-trafficking cases, according to the report.The police obtained warrants for each instance of cellphone-tapping, allowing them to listen to conversations and read text messages.

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Japan arrested a record 47 suspects through wiretapping in 2010

A record 47 people were arrested in 2010 in investigations using authorized wiretaps into cases such as suspected illegal drug sales, a Justice Ministry survey showed Friday.

The number of warrants issued by courts was 34, also the largest since the Act on Wiretapping for Criminal Investigation took effect in 2000, it said.

Investigative authorities wiretapped a total of 7,475 communications, all of which were cellphone conversations and text messages, in eight suspected drug smuggling cases, one suspected gang-related murder, and one case of gun possession.

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