X-Japan’s Yoshiki Records Golden Globe Awards Theme Song

The latest Golden Globe Awards theme song will hit iTunes for the first time this year. To mark the event’s 70th anniversary, Japanese star and classically-trained multi-instrumentalist Yoshiki composed and recorded a song that will open the show and appear throughout the Jan. 13 broadcast.

Yoshiki, who’s also in the hit rock group X-Japan, played many of the instruments himself before adding a full string orchestra to the piece. He said he tried to come up with something beautiful, but also edgy and festive for the occasion.

“It’s such an honor to be a part of this esteemed event which is enjoyed by hundreds of millions around the world,” said Yoshiki. “Composing this music was a journey that involved creating numerous versions in order to arrive at just the right sound to capture the unique combination of glamour and edginess that makes the Golden Globe Awards so entertaining.”

On Jan. 15, the theme song will be available on iTunes, with all profits going to charity.

X Japan’s Yoshiki Wax Figure Unveiled at Madame Tussauds

Rock band X Japan have been one of Japan’s hottest commodities since their formation in 1982, and now their leader / drummer Yoshiki has received an honor that’s been bestowed upon many of the world’s most famous celebrities.

The Madam Tussauds Hong Kong wax museum recently unveiled a wax figure of Yoshiki, and the rock star was on hand to give it the once over. Apparently giving it the seal of approval, Yoshiki glanced at the figure and said, “Am I looking in a mirror?” Although it is quite life-like, Yoshiki did think it was missing one thing, and added a little extra guy-liner to the figure.

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X Japan’s Yoshiki making Anime Central appearance

The Anime Central convention revealed on Sunday that X Japan leader Yoshiki is attending this year as a guest. The announcement is not clear about whether he will perform as a musical guest or be there for other reasons, though it does mention that he will be showing a “special video for his fans” at his scheduled panel.

At last year’s New York Anime Festival/New York Comic Con, Yoshiki and American comic creator Stan Lee revealed that they are collaborating on a “music superhero comic book” based on Yoshiki. Based on Anime Central’s announcement, it appears that Yoshiki’s planned video is related to the comic book project.

Anime Central is being held in Rosemont, Illinois, on May 20-22.

X Japan World Tour – London, Paris, then Berlin

X Japan leader Yoshiki has partially announced the schedule for the band’s upcoming world tour. So far, three concerts in Europe have been revealed, plus two dates in Japan as part of this year’s Summer Sonic music festival.

This will be X Japan’s first time touring in Europe. They will start with the O2 Academy Islington in London on June 28, then Zenith de Paris on July 1, then Huxleys Neue Welt in Berlin on July 4.

X Japan will return to Japan for Summer Sonic on August 13 (Osaka) and August 14 (Chiba).

Yoshiki mentioned on his Twitter account that there are other tour dates to be announced, but his management asked him not to announce any more for now.

X Japan was scheduled to release their U.S. single “JADE” on March 15, but the Tohoku earthquake in Japan on March 11 led them to postpone the single. They plan to announce a new release date soon. It is also being reported that the song will be the opening track on the band’s new album that is expected to be released later this year.

X Japan says, “Show me the money!”

X Japan leader Yoshiki has filed a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court against the music production company Nexstar Corporation, seeking approximately 375 million yen in damages. However, that figure could grow by another 600 million yen.

According to the lawsuit, after X Japan reunited, they entered a contract with Nexstar Corporation in January 2008, which included the use of some recordings. That initial deal was for the sum of 600 million yen in advance royalties and contract money, which has so far been entirely unpaid.

Between 2008 and 2009, the company also sponsored ten of the band’s concerts in Japan and other parts of Asia. About 320 million yen in performance fees and merchandise sales from those concerts is due to the band as well. In all, the total unpaid amount is more than 900 million yen.

Yoshiki’s side points out that the ticket and merchandise sales have earned more than 2.5 billion yen in revenue for Nexstar, making it unreasonable that the company still has not paid any of it. Although attempts were initially made to resolve the dispute between the two parties, a lack of progress led Yoshiki to take the matter to court.

The lawsuit is currently seeking only 375 million yen for the revenue earned from the concerts, but should the case go to trial, Yoshiki’s side plans to file an additional claim for the 600 million yen in the initial contract.

When reached for comment, Nexstar stated that they have not yet received the lawsuit. The company reportedly acknowledged that there is some unpaid money due to the band, but they said that the amount is different from Yoshiki’s claim.