Completely Wireless Charger invented by SONY!

SONY announced that they developed a Wireless Power Feeding System on October 2nd. It can supply 60W of electricity to devices that are at maximum 50cm, or a little over a foot and half away, without cords.

The Wireless Power Feeding System provides energy through space from its transmission device to only the receiving device, which is on the same frequency. The transmission device remains highly effective at feeding power even if the position between devices shifts. Cool? You bet!

So what about safety?

It has a feature so that metal or any other object in-between doesn’t become hot even if it’s between the receiving devices and the transmitting device.

Not enough?

Sony also develops a repeater device that resonates the same frequency as the feeding power transmission and the receiving device so that 50 cm isn’t the end to your range. It succeeds at extending the feeding power distance from 50 to 80cm or a little over 2 and half feet, while maintaining the feeding power efficiency.

Still not enough? Think again…

Future research and development will be continued to meet the many needs of this new technology. Eventually larger ranges can be accomplished or lower electrical power demands can be meet as technology changes for the more ecologically sound future.
But what does this mean now?

Well how about one less cable at your desk and a phone that is always charged even if you forget to plug it in at work so you aren’t out after work without the battery charged and entertaining clients, or trying to exchange a phone number with someone you desperately want to see again, or maybe you just want to be out and playing that latest app you downloaded and showing it off to all your friends. But wait! You didn’t charge your phone. So you have nothing to break the ice, nothing to show, and nothing to connect with that isn’t confidence eroding. Tell me how many times has this happened to you?

Now, if only Sony could talk to Apple for all of us iPhone users and keep us charged.

Tesla would be proud…


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