Development of HRP-4, Working Humanoid Robots

Kawada Industries, Inc. (Kawada Industries; President: Tadahiro Kawada), a subsidiary of Kawada Technologies, Inc. (President: Tadahiro Kawada), has developed HRP-4, a new research and development platform for working humanoid robots, in collaboration with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST; President: Tamotsu Nomakuchi). In this joint project, Kawada Industries developed the humanoid robot hardware, while Fumio Kanehiro (Senior Research Scientist), Humanoid Research Group (Leader: Kazuhiro Yokoi), the Intelligent Systems Research Institute of AIST and other members developed the motion control software.

The high-density implementation technology used for HRP-4C, the cybernetic human developed by AIST, is applied to HRP-4. HRP-4 has a total of 34 degrees of freedom, including 7 degrees of freedom for each arm to facilitate object handling and has a slim, lightweight body with a height of 151 cm and weight of 39 kg. Furthermore, the HRP-4 control system adopts a software platform OpenRTM-aist and the Linux kernel with the RT-Preempt patch. Therefore, many domestic and international software assets for robot systems, including OpenHRP3, an open-source robot simulator, can be utilized. HRP-4 is expected to accelerate the research and development of next-generation robot systems necessary for the future robot industry, such as human-cooperative robots capable of operating under various environments.

HRP-4 was exhibited at the Annual Conference of the Robotics Society of Japan held at Nagoya Institute of Technology from September 22 to 24, 2010.

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