Facts About CompTIA Security + Certifications

Cyber security is a pressing problem in the world of computers. As technology continues to gain complexity, the malicious attacks that are being used to bypass security measures are also increasing their complexity as well. Government employees and individuals who wish to work in the security aspect of the technology field are being required to obtain the CompTIA Security + certification.

Individuals that are hoping to gain employment as a Security Specialist, Network Technician, or a Network Administrator will benefit from obtaining a CompTIA Security + certification. In fact, even if you are presently employed in the IT field, adding this additional certification to your resume is going to be beneficial to you.

The CompTIA Security + certification consists of one hundred questions. The questions are arranged in a multiple choice format. Individuals completing the examination will be given ninety minutes in duration to take the test. Scores are given on a sliding scale that goes from 100-900. In order to successfully pass the test, an applicant must receive a score of 750 on the exam or higher.

There are six core objectives that individuals will be tested on. Each objective bears a different weight when it comes to the grading scale. Systems security bears the most weight, at twenty one percent of an individual’s final score, followed by network infrastructure, which is worth twenty percent of the final passing score.

Even though there are no prerequisites required to take the test. It would behoove applicants to have a working knowledge of network security systems, or at least have taken a training course from ExamTrace (click here) that teaches them the fundamentals of these systems.

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