The Fast Track to the Cisco IOS Security Specialist Certification

If you are experienced in the field of network security, then you should consider becoming certified as a Cisco IOS Security Specialist. Professionals who earn this certification have proven their knowledge, experience, and expertise in the critically important area of securing networks that are used by businesses and organizations everyday. The process of earning this certification involves demonstrating your competency in the use of Cisco IOS security as it applies to switch and router systems in addition to other security appliances.

This certification track is open to professionals who have previously obtained the CCNA Security certification. In addition to work experience, the Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches training course is a highly recommended component of the process. Once you are finally ready to take the next step in the process, you should register for the 642-637 Secure v1.0 exam. This 90-minute exam will validate your knowledge and skill level as it relates to securing networks that are based on Cisco IOS software router and switch applications.

It is also highly recommended that you make Testslive (click here) a part of your preparation process for the 642-637 certification exam. The highly effective tutorials and exam practice tools will reinforce the concepts and topics that are covered in the training course and equip you with the confidence of knowing what to expect on exam day. By taking action on these steps and putting your network security skills to use, you will become a vital part of your organization’s IT team.

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