NFC-Based Ads Tested in Japan Transit System

According to the Census Bureau, the vast majority of Americans live in cities, and in most cities public transportation is a top priority. Thats why a new innovation in delivering advertisements via public transportation in Japan could point toward the future of transit ads in the U.S.

The system, developed by Japan-based firm Shunkosha, is called Strappy and allows train passengers to access advertisements and other information via a Near Field Communication NFC equipped strap cover. According to Keitai Watch, the passenger can simply touch their compatible phone to the strap cover and get immediate access to the content being delivered to that NFC point.

The testing of the system began in Tokyo in mid-May on several high-traffic train lines. According to the manufacturer, although the user will have immediate access to advertising information and other content, the company will not collect personal data from the users of the system, an important point in a time when consumers are becoming increasingly privacy-sensitive.

Read the rest of the story: Japan Transit System Tests NFC-Based Ads.

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