Touchable 3D Television

Norio Nakamura (Senior Research Scientist), Human Ubiquitous-Environment Interaction Group (Leader: Akio Utsugi), the Human Technology Research Institute (Director: Motoyuki Akamatsu) of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST; President: Tamotsu Nomakuchi), has developed "i3Space," a system that presents a tactile sensation (sense of touch) and a kinesthetic sensation (resistance) in the air when a user views 3D images; this system enables us to design shapes of objects and to simultaneously confirm how we feel when we touch the objects. This system has been developed by combining 3D television and the small-sized non-base-type haptic interface using sensory illusion, which can present highly sensitive and continuous tactile and kinesthetic sensations utilizing the human sensory characteristics to mistake some vibration patterns as actual tactile and kinesthetic sensations.

This system is an application of the technology that creates the feeling of touch and resistance in the air by presenting virtual tactile and kinesthetic sensations. The system recognizes the user’s movement since the haptic interface is equipped with a marker for position detection; thus, the system can present a tactile sensation and a kinesthetic sensation in real time in accordance with the movement, in order to make the user feel like he or she is touching a 3D image. It is expected that the system will be used in surgery simulators and in 3D CAD (computer aided design), when an interface that integrates tactile and kinesthetic senses in addition to multiple senses such as visual and auditory senses is three-dimensionalized.

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