Ishigaki Island — getting away from the mainland

Traveling to Japan or just need to escape the city?

Ishigaki is one of those resort islands in Okinawa that my brother-in-law loves and on his last trip there he said it was a blast! He also came back with a very nice bottle of shochu, which I admit I didn’t let last long.

How to get away from it all:

Step 1: Leave Tokyo!
Step 2: Fly 2,000 km south toward the Equator to Ishigaki, the main island of the southerly Yaeyama group in Okinawa Prefecture.
Step 3: Who Cares you are in paradise.

Enjoy the palm trees and smells of tropical flowers on your way to Kabira, a peninsula which is known for its bay that’s classed as one of the 100 most beautiful scenic spots in Japan. Kabira makes up the north-west part of the Island of Ishigaki. And the Club Med resort stands opposite a white sandy beach where the sea is extremely clear. The high quality of the underwater world and the wealth of fauna and flora make the bay exotic.

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Read more about Ishigaki: Wikipedia

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