Super Roller Slides of Japan

Roller slide at Kodomo no Kuni park. Notice the on-foot technique used by the family in front.

My daughter and I riding the long roller slide in Kodomo no Kuni (Kids Country) park in Machida, Tokyo Japan. Just wish there wasn’t anyone in front of us so we could get some speed out of it.

Big Slide in Awase Okinawa

Super roller slide Japan

This video is from GaijinGuide and what follow is the rider’s description and playfully painful video of the experience.

The slide comes in at an incredible 82 meters in length and is on the top of a mountain with a commanding view of western Kyushu’s coastal plain. Watch me scream like a little girl, and have the best slide ride of my life. I haven’t had this much fun since my first trip to 6-flags in Illinois. The journey to the end of the slide was not with out its dangers. I dodge trees, try not to smash into the sides, and deal with severe vibration that caused me to lose feeling in my rump.

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