Yakushiji’s World Heritage Pagoda open for first time in 1,300 years

The three-layer east pagoda of Yakushiji, a Buddhist temple listed as a World Heritage site in Japan’s ancient capital of Nara, was opened to the public Tuesday for the first time since it was built some 1,300 years ago.

The national treasure pagoda in western Japan, often described as "frozen music" for its rhythmical appearance and beauty, will be open to general visitors through March 21 ahead of its major renovation around this summer.

The East Tower (東塔 Tō-tō?) is the only original 8th-century structure at Yakushi-ji. It is regarded as one of the finest pagodas in Japan, representing Hakuhō to Tenpyō period architecture.

During the renovation, which is expected to take eight years, visitors will not even be able to view the exterior of the tower.

A walkway and lighting was installed inside the first floor of the tower for the public viewing.

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