L Rest – Japan’s Travel Agencies Offer Long Summer Vacations

Japan’s campaign to save energy is finally letting overworked salarymen and women to take advantage of summer in a way that has long eluded them: a long vacation. Spurred by the atypical vacation schedule prompted by the rearranged work hours this summer, major travel agencies in Japan are offering a burst of long vacation packages.

Mainstream travel agency JTB group is offering a series of domestic and international long-term travel packages that are between 14 and 30 days long. But their campaign was inspired by an 11-year-old survey report by the Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare on what people say they do when they get time off.

Based on this survey, the ministry proposes a two-week “L Rest,” that’s ‘L’ as in long enough to allow people to think about their life—another ‘L’—away from work.

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