Stuck in Tokyo gets expensive for homesick travelers

Being stranded in Asia as a cloud of volcanic ash over Europe causes air traffic chaos has taken a punitive toll on travelers marooned in Tokyo, one of the world’s most expensive cities.

The soaring costs of an extended stay in Japan has driven some to despair amid the clamor to find the next available flight out of Narita airport, with nearby hotels full and metropolitan Tokyo an hour-long train ride away.

At least 35 international flights were canceled in Japan Tuesday, 26 at Narita, officials said, leaving thousands stranded in a city named by the Economist Intelligence Unit last year as the world’s most expensive.

For French sisters Lucille, 23 and Anais, 21, a three-week trip to Japan became a nightmare when an Icelandic volcano blasted an ash cloud into the sky, shutting down European airspace and leaving them stranded.

The pair have run out of money and Lucille has used up her supply of medicine to treat a rare stomach disorder, preventing her from eating.

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